Friday, February 1, 2008


Suzuki unveiled a new concept car named ‘kizashi’ at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. This car is sure to cause fever to Honda and Toyota , ya, suzuki’s new concept is not a small car but a smart mid size sedan. The Kizashi – a name meaning ‘prelude’ or ‘foretaste’ – suggests what form Suzuki’s future will take. The D-segment initiative- the kizashi revealed in Frankfurt represents the beginning of the third phase of the world strategy. The main objective of this phase is status. The first phase of the new world strategy was implemented with the focus on ‘Sporty’, a philosophy that resulted in great success with the launch of Swift, Grand Vitara and SX4. The new Splash represents the second phase for Suzuki.

Suzuki which was founded in 1909 is regarded as the best small car maker all over the world. But despite the small car success, Suzuki has not been able to continue many of the customers to stay with the automaker when purchasing subsequent, larger cars. Suzuki feels obliged to respond to increasing expectations and is convinced that it’s essential to offer a wider product range in order to accommodate customers’ diverse lifestyles. Consequently, Suzuki has decided to expand its lineup to cover all segments from A to D in the next few years. Suzuki’s first-ever D-segment car ‘kizashi’ will stand at the top of the range. Suzuki’s new plan will be reflected in its Indian line-up too.

Suzuki which already sources larger cars from General Motors will now make its own D segment car through its kizashi concept. Suzuki targets an uncompromised combination of affordability and emotional appeal with the new kizashi. Suzuki which has already given a sporty hatchback -the Swift Sport plans to carry the same for the D-segment. At the same time, kizashi will ensure the cabin roominess that is essential in the D-segment

Though the Suzuki’s kizashi concept is powered by a new 2.0-liter turbo diesel, Suzuki plans to use a hybrid arrangement (an internal combustion engine provides the main propulsion, and an electric motor provides assistance whenever extra power is needed) to achieve environmental compatibility. Kizashi’s dynamic performance will be enhanced all-wheel drive (AWD) a technology that Suzuki has refined over many years.

A production version of the Kizashi is slated to appear in 2008, with worldwide sales to start in 2009. Being the Suzuki’s prime market, India will get the kizashi at the same time. In Indian context, Maruti may strap its 1.6L SX4 engine or a 2.0L vitara engine into the kizashi. Suzuki says its Kizashi is planned as the automaker’s future competitor to the Accord and Camry. But Indian news agencies says the ‘big car’(kizashi) from the Maruti Suzuki will compete with the likes of Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and skoda octavia which comes in a price bracket of Rs 10-12 lakh.

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