Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2010 FORD MUSTANG-Muscle Matters

Aside from the sexy new body (only the roof is carried over), the new Ford Mustang uses the same basic mechanical components as the old one. Same chassis, same engine. But, Ford has added higher-spec components to the base model with the aim of making the new ‘Stang better than the old one.

Inside, there’s a new, less rental car-like interior complete with soft touch plastics, greater sound deadening and shiny new instruments. It’s a nicer place to spend time; it looks better (especially with the addition of the aluminum trim), it’s much quieter and it now features Ford’s tacky MyColor LED lighting, most notably on the scuff plates on the door sill.

Outside there's new mirrors, hidden washer nozzles and a repositioned radio aerial (it’s on the rear quarter panel now) also contribute to a reduction in wind noise, while integrated indicators, a new hood bulge (used across all models), a new grille and a more creased body combine to great effect, making the Mustang’s basic shape much more lithe.

Under the hood, the engines are carried over. The V8-equipped GT now makes 315 HP (up from 300) thanks to the addition of the cold air intake from the Bullitt. That intake is also good for a .3 second reduction in 0-to-60 times. Want more shove? Add premium gas for about a 10 lb-ft increase in torque between 1,000 and 4,000 RPM.

2010 Ford Mustang GT is equipped with both the premium and track packs. While the premium pack brings Ford’s awesome SYNC nav/entertainment system and “real aluminum trim” (they’re really excited about that), it’s the track pack that you’ll really want to care about. Know how the new GT gets the old Bullitt’s suspension? Well the track pack brings the suspension and carbon-plate diff from the Shelby GT500. Only available with the optional 19” wheels (along with a massive front strut brace). It also includes upgraded brake pads, a 3.73 differential gear and summer performance tires. The Mustang’s engineers were so excited about the performance possible with the track pack, that they’ve managed to convince Ford to make it available at cost: about $1,495 on top of the GT’s $27,995.

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