Monday, April 27, 2009

Skoda YETI

Skoda's junior 4x4, the Yeti, is going to make production,. The Czech car-maker will develop the new small 4x4, due on sale in mid-2009, using a mix of VW group architecture and componentry, so that when it comes to market, like so many of Skoda's models, it'll be a unique prospect for UK car buyers.

Speculators have suggested that VW's Golf-based Tiguan 4x4 would make a fine basis for the small offroader, but instead Skoda will borrow some key modules like the VW’s four-wheel drive system, and mix them with other hardware sourced from elsewhere in the VAG Group.

The Skoda Yeti will therefore be a smaller 4x4 than the market is used to. The 4.2 metres long, production version has five doors. Characteristic Skoda ribbed grille and stylish headlamps confidently demonstrate Yeti’s relationship with the ┼ákoda family. Robust and solid look on 17-inch wheels, whilst its fresh styling and high seating position enable the Yeti to exude lightness rather than looking bulky.The carefully balanced running gear and agile handling, combined with turbocharged and frugal engines, makes the Yeti fun and dynamic to drive. Two petrol and three diesel engines are on offer. The entry engine is a front-wheel drive, petrol engine with four cylinders and 1.2 litre capacity, which delivers an impressive 105bhp (77kW).

The Yeti is available with the following engines:
* Petrol:
1.2 TSI with 105bhp (77kW) – front-wheel drive
1.8l TSI with 160bhp (118kW) - 4x4
* Diesel:

2.0l TDI CR with 110bhp (81kW) – front-wheel drive and 4x4
2.0l TDI CR with 140bhp (103kW) - 4x4
2.0l TDI CR with 170bhp (125kW) - 4x4

The Yeti is very well equipped for load lugging, too. The luggage compartment volume is highly flexible; up to 1,760 litres is available by removing the rear seats. A luggage cover and net as well as lashing rings are available to secure any load.

The 4x4 variants are characterised by outstanding off-road ability and excellent traction, coupled with low emission values and fuel consumption.

Yeti brings a fresh attitude, combining the strengths of a 4x4 with hatchback practicality.

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