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YAMAHA MOTORCYCLES INDIA PVT LTD is the first two wheeler company to introduce this genre of super sports and torque sports performance bike in India. YZF - R1 and MT01 have gained immense popularity globally and have been instrumental in successfully demonstrating the technology superiority of Yamaha worldwide. The introduction of these machines, illustrates company’s aim of enriching Indian bikers riding experience and elevating the current biking paradigm.

“The rising number of big bikes enthusiasts coupled with increasing income levels makes India one of the most important markets for Yamaha”, says Tomotaka Ishikawa, CEO & MD, Yamaha Motor India. He adds, “With YZF - R1 and MT01, we aim to enrich Indian biker’s riding experience by adding a lifestyle quotient that would establish Yamaha’s credential as a technology superior and cool brand. The company is committed to provide international quality and lifestyle attributes of Yamaha brand to Indian consumers.

Signifying the launch of YZF - R1 and MT01 models as the first step towards the establishment of Global Yamaha image in India, Mr. Ishikawa further added that “the company is all geared to the challenge, to rebuild Yamaha brand in India and with the launch of YZF - R1 and MT01, Yamaha unleashes its strategic intent to offer superior product in India in times to comes, which would appeal to the Indian motorcycling trends.

The company is looking at refining the motorcycling culture in India by bringing in technologically advanced and visually appealing machines. Yamaha believes that building motorcycles is both a technological and an artistic endeavor. It pursues a level of performance that transcends mere specifications. The goal is to produce technologically superior motorcycles that should have a deep and intangible emotional appeal. Creating such machines is the essence of Yamaha-ism. It is what defines the company and this is what we call the “Art of Engineering"

Yamaha has just launched the R1 (and maybe the MT-01) in India. Here's what I've learnt. The 2008 R1 and the 2008 MT-01 are both on sale now. Price being quoted is Rs 10.5 lakh ex-showroom. At the moment, sales will be only in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Bangalore. This is probably because of the size and kind of showroom that Yamaha wanted to have in place for these bikes. Mumbai bikers are going to have a spot of trouble, because it might be one of the last of the big cities to finalise the showroom thanks to excessive land costs. Yamaha is saying that people in Mumbai should consider booking the motorcycle from its Ahmedabad dealer, Planet Yamaha. Yamaha says that supply is no problem. So while motorcycles will arrive in CBU batches, there is no number cap so you should get an R1 if your book one.


Overall length 2060mm
Overall width 720mm
Overall height 1110mm
Seat height 835mm
Wheelbase 1415mm
Minimum ground clearance 135mm
Dry(without oil and fuel) 177kg

Maximum speed (crouched) 285km/h
Minimum turning radius 3.4m

Engine Performance
Engine type Liquid cooled 4-stroke DOHC4-valve
Cylinder arrangement Forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder
Displacement 998cm3
Bore & stroke 77.0 X 53.6mm
Compression ratio 12.7 : 1
Maximum horse power 177.5 bhp @ 12,500 rpm
Maximum torque 112.7 Nm @ 10,000 rpm
Starting system type Electric starter
Lubrication system Wet sump
Radiator capacity(including all routes) 2.51L
Engine oil capacity 3.83L

Air filter type Paper
Fuel tank capacity 18L

Ignition system type T.C.I.
Spark plug model CR9EK
Battery voltage/capacity 12V, 8.6AH(10H)

Primary reduction ratio 65/43 1.512
Secondary reduction system Chain drive
Secondary reduction ratio 45/17 2.647
Clutch type Wet,multiple-disc coil spring

Gear ratio
Transmission type Constant mesh 6-speed
Gear ratio-1st gear 38/15 2.533
Gear ratio-2nd gear 33/16 2.063
Gear ratio-3rd gear 37/21 1.762
Gear ratio-4th gear 35/23 1.522
Gear ratio-5th gear 30/22 1.364
Gear ratio-6th gear 33/26 1.269

Frame type Diamond
Tire size(Front) 120/70ZR17MC(58W)
Tire size(Rear) 190/50ZR17MC(73W)

Disc effective diameter(Front) 283mm
Disc effective diameter(Rear) 186mm

Suspension type(Front) Telescopic fork
Suspension type(Rear) Swingarm

Shock absorber
Shock absorber assembly type(Front) Coil spring/oil damper
Shock absorber assembly type(Rear) Coil spring/gas-oil damper
Wheel travel(Front) 120mm
Wheel travel(Rear) 130mm

Bulbs(voltage/wattagex quantity)
Headlight bulb type Halogen bulb
Headlight 12V, 55W ×4
Auxiliary light 12V, W5W ×2
Brake/tail light LED, 12V 2.3W/0.2W
Turn signal light(Front) 12V, R10W ×2
Turn signal light(Rear) 12V, R10W ×2

Speedometer LCD Digital
Tachometer Analog
Odometer LCD Digital
Trip meter LCD Digital
Water temperature meter LCD Digital
Clock LCD Digital


Overall length 2185mm
Overall width 800mm
Overall height 1105mm
Seat height 825mm
Wheelbase 1525mm
Minimum ground clearance 145mm
Dry(without oil and fuel) 243kg

Maximum speed (crouched) 210km/h
Minimum turning radius 3.2m

Engine Performance
Engine type Air cooled 4-stroke,OHV
Cylinder arrangement V-type 2-cylinder
Displacement 1670cm3
Bore & stroke 97×113mm
Compression ratio 8.4:1
Maximum horse power 88.9 bhp @ 4,750 rpm
Maximum torque 150.3 Nm @ 3,750 rpm
Starting system type Electric starter
Lubrication system Dry sump
Engine oil capacity 5.0ℓ

Air filter type Oil-coated paper element
Fuel tank capacity 15.0 L

Ignition system type TCI
Spark plug model DPR7EA9/X22EPR-U9
Battery voltage/capacity 12V, 12AH

Primary reduction system Gear
Primary reduction ratio 71/48 1.479
Secondary reduction system Chain
Secondary reduction ratio 39/17 2.294
Clutch type Wet,multiple-disc

Gear ratio
Transmission type Constant mesh 5-speed
Gear ratio-1st gear 38/16 2.375
Gear ratio-2nd gear 30/19 1.579
Gear ratio-3rd gear 29/25 1.160
Gear ratio-4th gear 24/25 0.960
Gear ratio-5th gear 24/30 0.800

Frame type Double cradle
Tire size(Front) 120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W)
Tire size(Rear) 190/50 ZR17 M/C (73W)

Effective radius of disc(Front) 283.0mm
Effective radius of disc(Rear) 238.4mm

Suspension type(Front) Telescopic fork
Suspension type(Rear) Swingarm(link.suspension)

Shock absorber
Shock absorber assembly type(Front) Coil spring/oil damper
Shock absorber assembly type(Rear) Coil spring/gas-oil damper

Bulbs(voltage/wattagex quantity)
Headlight bulb type Halogen bulb
Headlight 12V, Lo;51W ×1 / Hi;55W ×1
Auxiliary light 12V, 5W ×3
Brake/tail light 12V, 2.0/0.2W LED
Turn signal light(Front) 12V, 10W ×2
Turn signal light(Rear) 12V, 10W ×2

Speedometer Digital
Tachometer Analog
Odometer Digital
Trip meter Digital
Clock Liquid crystal Digital

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Varun... said...

Finally the superbikes are gonna hit the indian roads...YAMAHA leading the way through their flagship model YZF R1......
The YMI was seen neglecting the indian market for so many years with o successful they are going to hit wid a blast..
hope other companies like SUZUKI also brings their superbikes to INDIA to give us a feast for our eyes......