Monday, March 9, 2009

Apache RTR With Racing Kit

This is for the first time that a bike manufacturer in India, is providing performance upgrade kits to its customers. Yes, TVS is doing just right that. According to this report, the company shall be offering kits to allow customers to modify their bikes, rather than getting it done in grey market and loosing their warranty.

The move is to re-strengthen their position in the 150/160 segment along with the laucnch of their new Apache RTR 160.

“This is the second level of customisation that we are looking at, allowing customers to enhance bikes. This programme will roll out first in 10-12 cities across the country, when we will begin selling such kits,” TVS Motor Company senior vice-president (sales and service) R Chandramouli said. He added that approximately 20% of buyers went in for enhancements, which they got done in the grey market, leading to a loss of the manufacturer’s warranty. These kits will be manufactured by TVS Motor, based on the research of its racing team, ensuring the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact.

The Race Performance kit fitted RTRs will be shelling out nearly 19bhp of sheer power to leave u spellbound.The "Race Performce Kit" as TVS likes to call it consists of a Free Flow Exhaust (shown here as Chrome tipped), and some changes in the valves, spark plugs (shown with yellow spark plug cover to differentiate) and the cylinder (according to the TVS guy present there). The modifications will result in an bhp increse from around 15 .2 to18.5 BHP..!!The race performance kit is expected to be out in the market in atleast a couple of months with a price tag of about 10k.

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