Thursday, May 14, 2009

TVS Apache RTR180

TVS Motors has come up with a more powerful variant of Apache. The bike retains the basic lines of the current RTR & comes with all the high tech features: digital speedometer with top speed, 0-60 timer, trips, and other extra functionality plus stunning looks.


The Apache RTR 180. It is powered by a 177.4cc engine which generates 17 Bhp of maximum power with 15.5 Nm of maximum torque.

The new 177.4cc mill is a bored out variation of the 160cc mill, and has a longer stroke too. The new engine still remains an oversquare unit, but not so much so as the 160.

Power is up by 1.3 Bhp to 17 Bhp and the new engine produces 2.4 more units of twisting force at 15.5Nm. The peak power is produced at 8500 rpm, similar to RTR 160, though the peak torque is now produced at 6500 revs.


The TVS Apache 180 adorns a new graphic scheme to distinguish itself from its smaller siblings, with RTR emblazoned boldly on the tank scoops.

The front forks and the gas reservoirs for the rear shocks are now painted in a new golden shade and the clip-ons have a new RTR 180 emblem at the centre.

Stylish alloys, unique grab rails, classy silencer, larger & sharp lined fuel tank, all these elements combine perfectly to give Apache RTR 180 a sporty eye-catching looks.

Apart from the New White tachometer the rest of the instrument cluster is same like the RTR 160FI with Digital blue backlit Speedometer.

The rear is also same with LED tail lamps, re-styled silencer and stylish new rear fender & number plate.

The new RTR180 wheelbase is longer than the 160 by a god 40 mm which makes it quite more stable around the corners n straights.The bike will be now having TVS srichakra tubeless tyres in the front as well as rear. the rear tyre profile has been changed to 110-80 X 17" which gives it more means looks and grip as well.

The expected price of new TVS Apache is around Rs. 72,000-74,000 and would be able to achieve maximum speed of 125kmph-130kmph.

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