Friday, January 11, 2008

BAJAJ LITE-another small wonder

The small car will be manufactured in collaboration with Renault and Nissan but Bajaj made it clear that it will not be for Rs 1 lakh. Although the product is ready in its prototype form the production version has a target date of 2010.The exact price and specifications are not known yet. The car is expected to be available with both diesel and petrol engines and would confirm to all the emission and safety norms. Considering the fact that Bajaj is known for having a good R&D with foucus on performance, reliability and economy, we can expect that the car will be both fuel efficient. The car is completely designed and developed by Bajaj and negotiation are on with Renault and Nissan for further technical inputs and support in the production of the car. Bajaj also expects to use their network to sell the car in overseas markets. The car will be manufactured at the Bajaj facility at Chakan.There is no news of any innovations or any patents for the small car yet ;-) We know that Tata Motors' Rs 1 lakh car will be having quite a few patents for the technology used. In couple of days at the Auto Expo we will see how the 2 cars compare to each other

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