Saturday, January 12, 2008



FUEL INJECTION With six-hole type injector.

ECU and sensors backed fuel mixture to maximize the combustion at any rpm

FRONT FAIRING Aero Dynamic Fairing

COOLING Liquid cooling with high efficient compact Radiator to maximize the Stability and Performance

HEAD LIGHT Flash surface dual Head Lights

FRAME High Rigidity Deltabox Frame

REAR SUSPENSION Link Type Monocross

BRAKES Front & Rear Disk Brake

VALVES 4 Valve Combustion Chamber Adopted

COMBUSTION CHAMBER Hemispherical Combustion Chamber with centered plug layout

Air Filter :- High flow paper filter

Handle Grip :- R1 Type Insert Mold Grips

Front Head Cowl :- a-30mm lower than Gladiator b-Aero Dynamic Design

Handle Bar :- a-Semi-Flat type with bar end b-Front Fork c-D.U. Metal (Special Material)

Front Fender :- Aero Dynamic Design 7) Lower Cowling :- Aero Dynamic Design Seat

Leather :- Dimple type/two tone

Grip End :- Race bred grip end

Rear Fender :- Aerodynamic

Muffler End :- Machine Gun Type

Chain Guard :- Half cover sporty looks

Shift Pedal :- Sport toe type Aluminum Shift Pedal

Drive Chain :- Long life sealed chain

Foot Rest :- Aluminum (Rider And Passenger)

Asbestos Free :- Environment Friendly


Front - 80/90, Rear - 100/80 17inch tubeless tyres

Wheelbase 1290mm

Width 670mm

Length 1995mm

Height 1070mm

Ground clearance 160mm


Anonymous said...

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THANK U..for this worthy informations..cant u include the price

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Anonymous said...

hey the bike speciications are out

only 17bhp :-(

arun said...

wow's just wonderful.
i would love to own a machine like this...a dream machine....................

Anonymous said...

hey man this is the meanest machine i have owned man it blows ur mind our in the highway this baby rocks dude