Thursday, October 23, 2008

2009 HONDA CBR 600 RR

The CBR600RR will also get optional C-ABS along with engine changes designed to improve torque right in the middle of the power band, between 8,000 and 12,000 RPM. Along with these changes comes revised styling with flashy colors pulled straight from the mid-'90s. Apparently, neon green and electric blue are back.

Now in its fourth generation, the 2009 machine builds on the heritage of blistering pace and supreme control set in 2003 by the first CBR600RR. When the all-new CBR600RR was launched in 2007, Honda once again was at the forefront of the 600cc Supersport class – the most intensely fought in motorcycling – with a machine which was the most advanced in the category. For 2009, the goal for Honda's development team has once again been to enhance a machine capable of fast, intense track riding while also delivering a controllable, easy-going road-riding experience. Adding to this experience is the inclusion of Honda's Combined ABS on the CBR600RR C-ABS version. The highlights of the technical enhancements to the 2009 CBR600RR include: * Changes to piston, cylinder head and exhaust which lead to improved torque from 8,000-12,000rpm for increased engine flexibility and driveability * Fairing improvements to enhance stability and reduce wind noise * Electronically controlled Combined ABS for better braking performance along with increased safety and all-round rider confidence (optional) * 184kg kerb weight to keep the machine the lightest in its class To enhance the new performance and mild aesthetic update, a new colour range has been introduced to make the most of these changes, to include a limited-edition Pearl Sunbeam White design with electric blue fairing and front and rear cowling graphics, a Pearl Sunbeam White design with white/red/blue Tricolour, as well as Graphite Black with Bright Lime Green Metallic and Graphite Black with Italian Red.

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