Friday, October 24, 2008


Inspired by the success and the rate at which Yamaha is boosting up in India, Suzuki had launched the much awaited Suzuki GS150R, which was known as the Lanza. The design was inspired from Suzuki’s GSX-R super bike series.

The 150cc Segment is picking up in India. Suzuki has been a little conservative till now with its bike models. Zeus and Heat and not extra ordinary, but it sells enough to be seen here and there a while. The company took another step ahead with the Access 125 Scooter.

Yamaha has stormed the 150cc segment with the launch of YZF R15 and FZ16 , Suzuki’s foray into this segment is expected to be create similar impact in the segment with the GSR 150 Lanza.Inspired from the styling of Suzuki's GSR 400 and GSR 600 - the GS150R Lanza boasts masculine styling cues.

With a bikini fairing, wolf-eyed headlamps and pilot lamps mounted on either side the styling of the GSR is little conserative. GS150R’s muscular fuel tank is alike the one seen in TVS Apache RTR.

GS150R has no monshock, but comes with the contemporary gas charged suspension at the rear.Disc brake at the front and drum at the rear is as typical of any 150cc bike. Gear lever is the comfortable heel and toe type and GS150R comes with a six speed transmission.

It boast a bikini fairing with a wolf eyed headlamp similar to the pulsar. The pilot lamps are mounted on each side which increases the aura of the lanza. However the most striking features in the lanza is its muscular fuel tank.

GS150R 149cc engine develops 13.8bhp of peak power at 8500rpm and 13.4Nm of peak torque 6000rpm. is mated with a six speed transmission. Gear shift pattern is 1-down and 5-up.

The Suzuki GS150R is a 150cc bike that develops an output of 13.8bhp @ 8500rpm and torque of 13.4Nm @ 6000rpm and is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission.

The GS150R is 2095mm long, 775mm wide, 1120mm high and has a long wheelbase of 1340mm. The GS150R comes with 4 colours - Candy Dark Greenish Blue, Mettalic Flint Gray, Candy Max Orange, Pearl Nebular Black.

The GS150R looks great when compared to the other 150cc segment bikes, that is when the Yamaha bikes are excluded. The first feature of the design which looks great is the muscular fuel tank design which can hold 15.5L of fuel. The next would be the highly CBZ Xtreme-like rear LED tail lights, but suits well with the design, unlike the CBZ Xtremes.

The most sad part is the so called “wolf eyed headlights” which look almost the same as the Pulsar’s headlights. The side gets panels of black and silver that cover up a part of the engine. For the front the GS150R gets 2.75 -18 tyre whereas the rear gets a fat 100/90-18 tyre.

For ride comfort, the GS150R gets hydraulic forks and gas charged rear suspension. It features disc brakes at the front and drum brake at the rear. The GS150R is equipped with digital instrument console that includes the speedo meter, the odo-meter and the digital gear indicator. It also offers 2 selectable modes - Power or Economy. When the Power mode is opted, the full power shows up whereas when the Economy mode is opted, the engine is tuned to more fuel saving mode.

Suzuki has priced the GS150R at Rs 59000 (ex-showroom Delhi) and according to them the GS150R’s Fuel Economy(FE) will be 50kmpl in the City and 55kmpl at the highway.

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