Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indica Electric

Tata is developing an electric variant of its Indica hatchback. Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata has said that the Indica electric would have an approximate range of 200 kilometers. This is incredible considering the fact India’s only electric Reva return 70km in a single charge. However the increased mileage will come with the use of expensive lithium ion battery. Reva uses lead acid battery for its electric car.It is important to recall that Tata Motors has already showcase electric version of its Ace truck last year in auto show and finalised an agreement with Daimler to sell the electric Ace in USA.
The electric Indica is being developed in Norway. The electric indica will be launched in Norway this fiscal and will go to other markets, including India thereafter. The electric indica will be launched by end of this financial year (before April 2009). Unlike other countries, Norway, Sweden and France have surplus power and the respective Government is enocuraging customers to shift to battery-operated vehicles. Already Norway is the home for two electric car makers - Th!nk and Kewet. For norway denizens car is to travel for short distances since the cities are very much closer. Also the climate provides an excellent environment for testing as well

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